Fw: [Chlamydomonas] problem preparing Hutners trace elements...

M Alimardani via chlamy%40net.bio.net (by m.alimardani from ymail.com)
Tue Oct 23 05:37:09 EST 2012

I prepared the solution according
to the recipe that you did but I didn't use filtered air system.

-when I
solved EDTA in water added FeSO_4. 7 H_2 O after that and added this mixture to
the boiling solution. 
I did it in this way and then cover it (with aluminum foil) for avoidance of
light, after 2 weeks now it's Purple. I had some rust too and it is normal as
protocol said.
- I didn't adjust pH at this step, also didn't mentioned in the protocol.  

I hope it would be helpful for you.

M. Alimardani
M.Sc student of plant biotechnology
agricultural biotechnology research institute of Iran (ABRII)

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