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Biology of Plastids =96 Towards a Blueprint For Synthetic Organelles

June 21-26, 2014, Polonia Castle Hotel, Pultusk, Poland

Organizers: Andreas Weber (mailto:Andreas.Weber from uni-duesseldorf.de) and =
Katherine Osteryoung (mailto:osteryou from msu.edu)

The evolution of chloroplasts through endosymbiosis gave rise to a vast =
array of photosynthetic eukaryotes and forever altered life on earth. =
Establishment of endosymbiotic organelles required endosymbiotic gene =
transfer, the evolution of protein targeting systems and metabolic =
connections, and the evolution of organellar division machineries and =
organelle-nucleus communication pathways. However, the molecular basis =
of these processes, their importance for organelle establishment and =
even the order in which they occurred are largely unknown. The growing =
field of synthetic biology now provides an interdisciplinary framework =
for addressing these and related fundamental questions in biology and =

This conference (bioplastids.esf.org) will bring together an =
international group of leading scientists and young researchers ranging =
from plant, algal and microbial biologists to computer scientists and =
engineers to establish a foundation towards experimental recapitulation =
of the origin of plastids by endosymbiosis and potentially provide =
blueprints for the generation of novel synthetic organelles.

Application deadline: May 18, 2014.  Some travel grants still available.

For more information, please visit the website.

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