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Mon Oct 27 09:31:01 EST 2014

Hi Chlamy researchers!

I visited the Chlamy connection website to connect to the Chlamy research community.

I am working on Haematococcus pluvialis (HP) cultivation in an open PBR system where I  frequently encounter the problem of chlamy contamination. I have read that Chlamy release fatty acid like toxin which inhibit the growth of HP. I tried formalin to kill motile chlamy cells and have been successful but anticipate that this treatment is affecting HP as well.

Can you suggest ways in which I can control chlamy contamination in HP cultures.

Another question is how does chlamy get into HP culture? Is it air borne or water borne or was in the stock culture?

I received the HP stock culture from SSCAP which was free of any chlamy cells (or i was unable to detect).

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

?Many Thanks!

Simrat Kaur
PhD Scholar
Botany & Plant Science

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