[Chlamydomonas] Breaking up Chlamy clumps

Hanna Koch via chlamy%40net.bio.net (by hkoch from evolbio.mpg.de)
Fri Apr 10 04:18:49 EST 2015


Does anyone know of a relatively quick and easy method for breaking up C. reinhardtii clumps without destroying the individual cells? Especially a method that would accommodate processing a very large numbers of samples efficiently.
Sonication in well-plates does not work because the vibrations splash the samples. 
Ultimately I would like to measure OD on samples so clumps are a problem but I need to keep samples in well-plates for reading purposes. 

Any tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hanna Koch

PhD Student
Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Biology
Evolutionary Ecology & Community Dynamics Group
Plön, Germany

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