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Mike Adams via chlamy%40net.bio.net (by mikewadams from me.com)
Tue Feb 10 13:24:32 EST 2015

Today I performed a ritual that I have repeated almost every week for over forty years: I transferred my cultures onto fresh plates, ready for next week’s experiment. Since I am retiring, and next week will be the last time I use Chlamy, I was trying to think of some suitable ceremony. I am not that far from Northampton MA, where Smith first collected the strain used in many labs, so maybe a return to the wild would be appropriate.

Just got the information on the 2016 meetings in Japan. From the CEIEG* meetings in the 70s, to the first CSH meeting, to my last in Berlin, the Chlamy conferences have always been my favorite, and I will miss them. Considering I only saw many of you for a week every two years, I managed to make some close friends, To all those I never saw in Berlin: farewell

Mike Adams
Biology Department
Eastern Connecticut State University

*Chlamydomonas Euglena Information Exchange Group. We met the day before the ACSB conference, and were sometimes outnumbered by the Euglena people.

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