Announcement of the Computational Biology newsgroup

Phil J. Curtiss curtiss at
Thu Apr 25 12:32:51 EST 1991

The biocomputation mailing list and newsgroup is now up and running. The
main topics the group and list are designed to address are,

	-	Computational Biology
	-	Biomathematics
	-	Visualization (as it pertains to the life sciences)
	-	Computer imaging (as it pertains to the life sciences)

however, any area where the mathematical and computer sciences (modeling,
simulation for example) are applied to the life sciences is fine for this

	The list and group are moderated by Matthew Witten and myself,
therefore, contributions will not appear immediately.  Please send all
submissions to one of the following addresses or post to the newsgroup.

Address                                 Location        Network
-------                                 --------        -------
comp-bio at                 Ireland         EARN/BITNET
comp-bio at                U.K.            JANET
computational-biology at         Sweden          Internet
computational-biology at   U.S.A.          Internet/BITNET
comp-bio at                U.S.A.          Internet/BITNET

	We will try and get the submissions posted to the mailing list and
newsgroup as quickly as possible. 

	You can get added to the mailing list by sending such a request to
one of the following addresses,

Address                                 Location        Network
-------                                 --------        -------
biosci at                   Ireland         EARN/BITNET
biosci at                  U.K.            JANET
biosci at                        Sweden          Internet
biosci at                  U.S.A.          Internet/BITNET

	If you have any questions or comments about the biocomputation
mailing list or newsgroup, please feel free to send mail to,

		comp-bio-moderator at

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