50% Research Assistant in Physiology Dept, at University of Minnesota

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Thu Jul 11 12:35:13 EST 1991

I am posting this for my Supervisor.


                   UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA

                   50% RESEARCH ASSISTANT

A part-time position (upto 50%) is available within the Department of
Physiology, to assist in the development of computer models of retinal
neurons. Knowledge of the UNIX operating system and electrical
circuit theory is essential, as is course background in differential
equations. A course in computational neuroscience and/or familiarity
with gating models of voltage-dependent membrane channels, as would be
obtained from a basic course in neurophysiology, would be highly
desirable. Neuron models will be developed using the Saber electrical
circuit simulation package by Analogy Inc.

Please send email to jayaram at neuro.med.umn.edu

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