Computer Systems for the Life Sciences !?!?!

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Fri May 10 13:46:26 EST 1991

1. Must be big machine with internet connection.

2. Must have SAS on board.

3. Must have Fortran on board.

4. Must have GOOD C and C++ on board.

5. Must have good graphics program on board for laserjet and HPGL
   output to any size plotter.

6. Must be able to handle large databases from bionet genbank, embl,

7. Must NOT have other than UNIX operating system. 

8. Each use gets 100mb of storage space and at least 8 mb of ram access.

9. Must have functional TeX/LaTeX system with output device (postscript
   is best probably).

10. Must have ethernet for high speed connects to local users, in
    addition to 19200 pc async connects.

11. Must have full GnuPlot system on board.

12. Should have good 3-dimensional graphics facilities.  Assume output
    to a workstation.

13. Keep the secretaries and admin folks OFF the BLOODY MACHINE.

14. Main box is a big unix machine.  Workstations abound therefrom.

15. CD-ROM with online research bibiligraphic databases (Agricola, etc.)
    on board are a MUST.

16. Some newsfeed to bionet newsgroups is a MUST.

Etc., etc., etc., to fill out the works.  Perhaps I am thinking too

Good Luck, rdkeys at

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