which journal to submit comp. model of morphogenesis to?

mlevin at forte.cs.tufts.edu mlevin at forte.cs.tufts.edu
Tue Nov 5 15:03:10 EST 1991

   I am in the process of writing a paper on a class of short computer
algorithms which produce complex and interesting visual images, very
remniscent of biological forms. The algorithm itself is related to
chaos, fractals, IFS systems, etc. It also has interesting implications for
the problem of morphogenesis in biology, but is not itself a model for
any specific organism. That is, it is an example of a model of
biological pattern formation, but cannot (in this stage, anyways) be
used in empirical research on any specific organism. The paper won't
have any heavy math, and will include all code necessary to reproduce
the images, as well as my thoughts on its relevance to developmental biology.
My question is: which journals should I try submitting it to? The
Journal of Theoretical Biology is one I can think of. What other
journals (preferably biological, but anything in the realm of
fractals, simulation, etc. is fine) should I try? Please send any
ideas to mlevin at forte.cs.tufts.edu.

Mike Levin

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