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Robert Jones jones at
Wed Oct 9 08:47:57 EST 1991

>     Hi netters.
>     I'm  searching for the tertiary structure for the "horse liver alcohol
>dehydrogenase" (EC, preferibly in Brookheaven or Cambridge formats.
>Does  anybody known the sites avaiable with the Brookheaven and/or Cambridge
>files? How can I access them?
>      Thanks in advance.
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The way I get PDB files is from the EMBL mail server - to get general help
send a message with simply the word 'help' to netserv at
I see that your mail address is a bitnet address - so you might try
netserv at embl.bitnet

Follow those instructions for detailed help, lists of files available etc.

An example of a request for a specific file is a message containing the line:

get proteindata:8ADH.BRK

-- this will get you the 8ADH pdb entry - probably split into several mail
messages which you will have to edit together. You can put multiple
requests into a single mail message.

Good luck

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