Director of Computation, Harvard Genome Lab

Pat Gillevet pat at mito
Tue Aug 25 16:37:30 EST 1992

                         DIRECTOR OF COMPUTATION
                        HARVARD GENOME LABORATORY
                           HARVARD UNIVERSITY

The Harvard Genome Lab is seeking  an  experienced  UNIX/Xwindows
programmer with experience in Computational Biology to direct the
analysis of genomic data from the Mycoplasma capricolum project.

The present computational environment at the Harvard  Genome  Lab
is based on the Genetic Data Environment (GDE), a X-Windows based
Graphic User Interface, which allows the seamless integration  of
a  core  multiple  sequence editor with pre-existing external se-
quence analysis programs and internally developed
 programs into a single prototyping environment.  Furthermore, we
have  incorporated  our internal database and automated data con-
trol systems into the Graphic User Interface to handle both  ran-
dom fluorescent sequencing data and genomic walking data from the
Mycoplasma project at the Harvard Genome Lab.  We are now in  the
process  of expanding the database and integrating it into a Pro-
log based system.

The successful candidate would oversee  a  system  administrator,
scientific  programmer  and  a software support technician.  Pro-
gramming duties would include the support of  automated  sequence
analysis,  Integrated Genome databases, and X-Windows based tools
for controlling the production process.

Please submit CV and brief statement of interests via email to

Patrick M. Gillevet
Director  Harvard  Genome  Lab
Harvard University
16 Divinity Ave.  Cambridge, MA  02138

Phone: 617-496-9111
Fax  : 617-495-9300
email:  pat at

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