Sequence Data Input Devices: ADVICE PLEASE

John Logsdon jlogsdon at
Thu Dec 17 22:14:48 EST 1992

Our lab is doing alot of sequencing and we have decided to look into
"digitizers" for directly inputting the data into computer files.  

We have GCG running on UNIX (SUN) which we access via Macintoshes (we
have no IBM's).  We have been looking into the various integrated
Macintosh program suites (Mac Vector, MacDNAsis, etc.) which seem to
offer their own input devices integrated into their particular program
suite.  Unfortunately, with GCG and support from our local computer guru
(Don Gilbert), we don't see the point of shelling out lots (!!!) of money
for the fancy Mac program suites which we will only use the (front end?)
input software.  

Anyone out there have any recommendations to make?
How about the digitizer that GCG recommends?

Ideally we would be interested in a digitizer with simple Mac software
that would create text files that we could easily move to GCG (and

On a slightly different but related note, How about contig assembly
programs (for the Mac)?  This area is the one bit of GCG that we are not
happy with and partially explains why we have been looking into the
above-mentioned suites (but isn't a good enough reason yet to BUY one).
One that we have demo' ed that we like is Sequencher; the problem is that
it uses a hardware lock.  Any other good ones out there? How about the
input devices that go with them?

Thanks in advance for the help.
email replies - I will post a summary.

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