"Prestige" of Journals for Stat Papers

Chip Harvey charvey at teal.csn.org
Thu Dec 17 22:16:46 EST 1992

I am seeking help in evaluating the "prestige" of statistical journals and
other journals publishing papers in statistics and ecological and
environmental statistics.

I am supposed to submit a ranking to a federal government panel of non-
statisticians for purposes of valuation of work published by government
researchers.  As is any such ranking, this too is a linear representation of
a multidimensional set of opinions and as such, is controversial.  The
criteria themselves are controversial.  Anyway, among statistical journals,
I anticipate differences based on theoretical/applied slants of the raters. 

The criteria which are to be used in evaluating "prestige" are: 1) degree of
difficulty in getting a paper accepted, 2) level of referee review, 3)
geographic extent of readership, 4) an assessment of the level of scientific
influence of the journal in the specific field (statistics, ecology,
environmental sciences), and 5) the extent to which senior scientists publish
their best papers in the journal.  There are four categories of "prestige"
ranging from "HIGHLY" to "LEAST."  The list of publications is open-ended.

Additionally, the panel is seeking ideas on how to rate the prestige of books,
book chapters, proceedings, etc.

I would appreciate any participation.  Please e-mail your lists, ratings, and
ideas to me, charvey at csn.org.  If there is general interest, I will post the
results.  I am cross-posting this request in bit.listserv.stat-l and

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