Molecular Graphics on X Windows

Calvin ejvette at
Wed Jan 22 18:29:01 EST 1992

I once scoured the net for something similar, about 6 months ago.
I found a Sunview (read Slimeview) based package called mindtools
that would have done the job, had I ever gotten it completely compiled.
It may be protable to X (I was eventually going to do it, that's
why I never finished compiling.) 

The code is mixed fortran and c, if I remember correctly. I thought
I obtained it from, but since you're from there, 
I checked it out and saw that it wasn't there. It probably came
from one of these sights, as I haven't updated my ftp database in
months:        biology archive, molecular    biology archive, molecular bio        ACNUC nucleic acid sequences                               database               02/21/91  -2    anonymous/odin at             National Repository for Gene            Sequence Data                   05/15/90  7     anonymous/odin at        biology archive, molecular                             bio             12/31/90  4     anonymous/odin at                news.announce.newgroups               archive                     08/06/90  7     anonymous/odin at     National Repository for Gene                           Sequence Data    biology archive, molecular bio        mopac               06/02/90  4     anonymous/odin at

You might want to try retina first. iubio is prominent, but I don't 
remember ftping there.

Good luck! 
(If you happen to find one that runs under X without porting, please drop me
a line.)


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