Evolving Machine Codes: Tierra V3.13

Rogene Eichler [mf12801] eichler at s21.msi.umn.edu
Fri Jul 17 16:18:51 EST 1992

>What's all this about `comparative biology'?  I keep hearing people
>(even John Maynard Smith, who should no better) echoing this claim
>that all of biology is based on `a sample size of one' --- i.e. life
>on earth.  It is claimed that in order to study the properties of life
>itself, rather than just that of life on earth, we can
>	a) try and find some other interplanetary life (difficult)
>	b) implement `life' on a computer system with, e.g. `Tierra'

	For arguements on the philosophical foundations of artificial
life and suggestions for a broader classification schema, see...

	Artificial Life: The Coming Evolution. J.D.Farmer A.d'A.Belin.
		Cambridge University Press. Date?

	Computer Viruses- A Form of Artificial Life? E.H.Spafford.
		SFI Studies in the Sciences of Complexity. 1991.

	Artificial Life. C.G.Langton. SFI Studies.... 1988.

	Learning from Functionalism- Prospects for Strong Artificial
		Life. E. Sober. SFI Studies... 1991. 

	Emergence and Artificial Life. P. Cariani. SFI Studies... 1991.


							  - Rogene

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