Evolving Machine Codes: Tierra V3.13

Dale R. Worley drw at banach.mit.edu
Fri Jul 17 13:19:01 EST 1992

In article <23760 at castle.ed.ac.uk> eanv20 at castle.ed.ac.uk (John Woods) writes:
   Now I'd be the first to admit that Tierra is a wonderful program, but
   I can't help getting the feeling that a logical point is being
   overlooked here.  Is it not the case that Tierra `creatures' can only
   be considered `alive' because they have what we might think of as
   `life-like' characteristics?  And how do we define `life-like'?  I
   think we're still left with a sample size of one!

   P.S. Are viruses alive or dead?  Just a thought.

The absolute, eternal dogma (for the last decade or so) is "Life is
self-replicating information."  Thus, it's the genetic information
inside you that is the part that is *really* alive.  And viruses are
alive, although they're dormant most of the time.  And the things in
Tierra are alive, as least as long as you keep Tierra running...

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