The Connection Machine at Edinburgh

Paul Adams pda at
Wed Jul 15 17:04:35 EST 1992

  The Connection Machine at Edinburgh -- Access for U.K. Academics

The University of Edinburgh has received funding from the Advisory Board
for the Research Councils to support a service for U.K. academics on a
16,384 processor Connection Machine.  This machine is currently the most
powerful parallel supercomputer in the U.K. with a peak performance of
8 Gflops. 

The Connection Machine is a data parallel computer with 512 Mbyte of
memory, a 10 Gbyte DataVault, and frame buffer.  The machine is hosted
by two Sun 4/370 workstations, permitting users to develop code under
SunOS.  The system is accessible on JANET, and internet. 

The Connection Machine can be programmed in data parallel Fortran (a
subset of Fortran-90), C (ANSI C with parallel extensions) or Lisp. 
There is also a comprehensive library of scientific functions providing
random number generators, matrix/vector operations, linear solvers,
FFTs, etc.  Porting many serial codes to the Connection Machine is a
straightforward process. 

Prism is an X-windows environment which permits users to profile and
debug codes and to visualise program data graphically.  Prism may be
used by those accessing the Connection Machine directly or through the

How do I get access to the Connection Machine? Until 1 December 1992,
informal applications for pump priming time are being accepted. 
Application forms can be obtained by contacting:

                      EPCCSupport at

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