looking for a good book on genetic algorithms

Scott Le Grand sml108 at psuvm.psu.edu
Mon Jul 13 18:04:09 EST 1992

Good books on genetic algorithms:

Goldberg, D. (1987), Genetic Algorithms in Search, Optimization, and
Machine Learning, Addison Wesley.  A must read and a very understandable
version of:

Holland, J. (1975), Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems, University
of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor.  The book that started it all.  There are lots
of ideas here but there's also lots of terminology which is explained
in a more down to earth fashion in Goldberg's book.  I highly recommend
reading this one after Goldberg.

I recommend reading all of the 4 International Conference on the Genetic
Algorithm Proceedings.  (look up ICGA on you library's circulation system).

Other books include:

Davis, L. (1987), Genetic Algorithms and Simulated Annealing, Morgan
Kaufmann.  A nice collection of diverse papers on genetic algorithms
and of course simulated annealing.

Davis, L. (1991), Handbook of Genetic Algorithms, Van Nostrand Reinhold.
Similar to the previous book, but has a nice intro section which complements
Goldberg nicely.

Davidor, Y. (1991), Genetic Algorithms and Robotics, a Heuristic Strategy
for Optimization.  I have only scanned this one, but it appears to be
focused on genetic programming, a technique where one uses genetic algorithms
to evolve programs to achieve specific tasks.  John Koza has a book out
on this subject too but I do not have the title handy...

Finally, any of the Artificial Life conference proceedings and Santa
Fe Institute proceedings generally contain some genetic algorithm

Scott Le Grand

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