Genetic Algorithms books

Teresa A. Ehling ehling at
Wed Jul 15 17:09:00 EST 1992

>Re:  Good books on genetic algorithms:                                    
>Holland, J. (1975), Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems, 
>University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor.  The book that started it 
>all. There are lots of ideas here but there's also lots of 
>terminology which is explained in a more down to earth fashion in 
>Goldberg's book.  I highly recommend reading this one after 

The UMich Press edition is currently OP.  It was reissued this past 
spring by the MIT Press in paperback ($14.95).                              
>John Koza has a book out on this subject too but I do not have the 
>title handy...

John Koza/GENETIC PROGRAMMING: On the Programming of Computers by 
Means of Natural Selection and Genetics
The MIT Press    $55.00    0-262-11170-5
Forthcoming November 1992

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