Growth analyis and related subjects

Tony Travis ajt at
Fri Jul 3 17:26:06 EST 1992

dangold1 at (Daniel M Goldman) writes:
: We are interested in exchanging information, insights, speculation, etc.
: with those interested in growth analysis, carbohydrate partitioning,
: water relations/pressure volume curves, and related subjects.  Areas 
: include theoretical work, as well as applications to germplasm evalua-
: tion, measurement of responses to experimental treatments/environmental
: factors, etc., as this relates to growth chamber, greenhouse, and field
: work.  I also am interested in controlled environment agriculture, 
: including artificial lighting.  Please mail or post if interested in any
: exchange, or can make referrals to those who might.  Thanks -DmG


We are interested in the biogenisis of plant cell walls in relation to
the nutritive value of crops.  I am particularly interested in the
impact of environmental factors that affect the thickness, and
lignification of cell walls.  At present, we are investigating
differences in the anatomy of oil-seed rape, wheat and barley varieties
with different succeptability to 'lodging'.

I'm interested to know if varieties that are resistant to lodging
damage are inherently more robust, or if they adapt to mechanical
stress.  This is important because selection of varieties that are able
to grow under adverse environmental conditions may reduce the nutritive
value of crops when little or no environmental stress is present.


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