hybrid representations of protein structures

Larry Hunter hunter at work.nlm.nih.gov
Tue Jul 28 21:23:07 EST 1992

Sajeev Batra asks:

  I noticed that in the 2nd Albany Conf on Computational Biology David Waltz is
  giving a talk on protein secondary structure prediction using hybrid
  representations.  Does anyone know more about this?  I am relatively new in
  this area.  What exactly is a hybrid representation?

I think they call it a "Hybrid System," rather than representation.  Zhang,
Mesirov & Waltz use a collection of different representations and inference
methods, and then combine all of their outputs with a neural network, something
like GRAIL does for gene finding.  There is an article in a recent Journal of
Molecular Biology: JMB (1992) 225: 1049-1063.

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