Magnetic Force destroy Microbes?

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Tue May 26 01:32:11 EST 1992

Hello All,

         I don't know if this is the "best" place to post this but here it
goes...  The biggest puzzle I've came across...

         My father told me this idea he was told by his mate...

   * Microbes in Diesel breed into mats of slugs and slime.
   * Slime then clogs filters, blocks fuel line.
   * Fuel flow is then restricted and engine stall on load.
   * Residual acid from slime then destroys injection system components of

   SUGGESTED SOLUTION:  Use Magnetic forces to destroy microbes in fuel.

   My question is, 

1. Is magnetic forces capable of destroying microbes in fuel?
2. If yes, to what extend? (Refer to Q.1)
3. Microbes are "living" things, if magnetic force can _kill_ them then what's
   the reasoning or theory behind these?
4. Any other related questions....

   Please kindly reply to me thru e-mail or post in this newsgroup.  Many
thanks!   :)


Johnwee LEE

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