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Dan Jacobson x-8453 danj at
Mon May 11 11:46:47 EST 1992

George Kossioris writes:

>I am looking for computer tomography SW. I would greatly appreciate if
>someone could give me any relevant  information  e.g.  a phone number or
>a person  to contact with  from a  company or research group. Thank you!

Here's a blurb from imagine:


The is a beta version of Imagine, an advanced image processing program for the
Mac II built on an extensive image processing library with routines from basic
operations like convolutions, histogram equalization, and convolution to more
advanced guard processes like 3D morphology; Imagine even supports complex
(real and imaginary pairs) images, FFTs, and computed tomography.

Imagine can be ftp'd from (among other places):

    Location: /MacSciTech/imaging/imagine
           FILE -rw-rw-r--       3377  Mar 22 1991  imagine.abstract.text
           FILE -rw-rw-r--     521403  Mar 22 1991  imagine.beta.hqx
           FILE -rw-rw-r--        941  Mar 22 1991  imagine.note

Best of luck,

Dan Jacobson

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