combinatorial issues in molecular biology

Lisonek Petr plisonek at
Fri May 8 08:08:20 EST 1992

Dear Colleagues,

I am interested in combinatorial problems in molecular biology, in particular 
in combinatorial issues which show up in DNA studies etc.

My working field is algebraic combinatorics, which basically deals with inner 
symmetries of objects using methods of group theory. 

This has important applications in chemistry (e.g. isomer problem: 
counting and constructing all structurally different molecules having the same 
summation formula). I have got quite a lot articles in this direction so I 
wonder whether there is a similar research evolving on the part of biology. 
I have heard about attempts towards building up the DNA map but have no 
serious papers.

I would be particularly thankful for pointing out references or alternatively
making me aware of journals or proceedings covering similar research 
in their scope.

If you can help me please answer via e-mail to:  plisonek at
Many thanks in beforehand.

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  Johannes Kepler University,
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