Conference: Neural & Stochastic Methods in Image & Signal Processing

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Wed Nov 18 10:51:18 EST 1992

                                      Announcement and Call for Papers


Part of SPIE's 1993 International Symposium on Optical Applied Science
and Engineering  <>  11-16 July 1993  <>  San Diego Marriott Hotel and
Marina and San Diego Convention Center  <>  San Diego, California, USA

Conference Chair:  Su-Shing Chen,        Univ of N Carolina/Charlotte

Program Committee: Mongi Abidi,          Univ of Tennessee/Knoxville
                   Martin Beckerman,     Oak Ridge National Lab
                   Griff L. Bilbro,      North Carolina State Univ
                   Peter C. Doerschuk,   Purdue Univ
                   Ibrahim M. Elfadel,   Massachusetts Inst of Tech
                   Seth A. Hutchinson,   Univ of Illinois/UC
                   Marjorie Klenin,      North Carolina State Univ
                   Jonathan A. Marshall, Univ N Carolina/Chapel Hill
                   Steven K. Rogers,     Air Force Inst of Tech
                   Guna S. Seetharaman,  Univ Southwestern Louisiana
                   Silvia S. Shen,       Lockheed Palo Alto Res. Lab
                   Michael D. Vose,      Univ of Tennessee/Knoxville
                   Xinhua Zhauang,       Univ of Missouri/Columbia

In a real-world environment, images and signals are usually subject to
noise, and  uncertainty prevails in mathematical models.  A variety of
methodologies have been developed for the processing and understanding
of such images and signals.  Some are stochastic, some are biological-
ly motivated, and  others are of  a different nature.  This conference
will  bring  together  researchers  of various backgrounds,  including
neural networks,  markov random fields,  simulated annealing,  genetic
algorithms,  probabilistic reasoning, stochastic processes, fuzzy rea-
soning, and other reasoning schemes with uncertainty.

Papers are solicited on the following and related topics:

  <> image processing             <> biologically motivated perception
  <> signal processing            <> simulated annealing algorithms
  <> computer vision              <> statistical pattern recognition
  <> evidential reasoning         <> Bayesian inference networks
  <> stochastic methods           <> Markov random fields
  <> neural networks              <> genetic algorithms
  <> fuzzy reasoning              <> fractal image modeling


Submission of Abstracts.  To qualify for acceptance, you  must  either  
fax  or  mail all four copies of your abstract by 14 December 1992 to:
San Diego '93, SPIE, 1000 20th St., P.O. Box 10, Bellingham, WA 98225,
USA.  Fax 206-647-1445; Opto-Link 206-733-2998. CompuServe 71630,2177.
E-mail abstracts at (send ASCII format).  

Authors  are  expected  to  secure  travel  and accommodation funding,
independent of SPIE, through  their  sponsoring  organizations  before
submitting  abstracts.  Only  original  material  should be submitted.
Abstracts should contain enough detail to clearly convey the  approach
and  the results of the research.  Government and company clearance to
present and  publish  should  be  final  at  the  time  of  submittal.
Submissions  may be placed in an oral or poster session at the chair's
discretion.  Applicants will be notified of  acceptance  by  30  March

Your  abstract  should  include  the following: abstract title, author
listing (principal author first; full names and affiliations  as  they
will  appear  in the program), correspondence for each author (mailing
address,   telephone,   telefax,  e-mail  address),  "Submit  to  SPIE
Conference on Neural  and  Stochastic  Methods  in  Image  and  Signal
Processing II,  Su-Shing Chen, Chair, at San Diego '93, in response to
electronic announcement M," preference for oral  or  poster  presenta-
tion,  500-word  abstract  typed on white paper, 50-100 word biography
(principal author only).

Proceedings.  These meetings will result in published Proceedings that
can  be ordered through the Advance Program.  Manuscripts are required
of all accepted applicants and must be submitted in English by 14 June
1993.  Copyright to the manuscript is expected to be released for pub-
lication in the conference Proceedings.  Note: If an author  does  not
attend  the  meeting and make a presentation, the chair may opt not to
publish the author's manuscript in the  conference  proceedings.  Pro-
ceedings  papers are indexed in leading scientific databases including
INSPEC, Compendex Plus, Physics Abstracts, Chemical Abstracts,  Inter-
national  Aerospace  Abstracts,  and Index to Scientific and Technical

Paper Review.  Commercial papers, descriptions of papers with  no  re-
search  content,  and  papers where supporting data or a technical de-
scription cannot be given for proprietary reasons will not be accepted
for presentation in this symposium.  To assure a high-quality  confer-
ence,  all  abstracts  and  Proceedings  paper will be reviewed by the
Conference Chairs for technical merit and content.

Chair/Author Benefits.  Chairs/authors/co-authors are accorded  a  re-
duced-rate  registration fee.  Included with fee payment are a copy of
the Proceedings in which the participant's role or  paper  appears,  a
complimentary one-year nonvoting membership in SPIE (if never before a
member), and other special benefits.

Poster Presentation.  Interactive poster sessions will be scheduled in
the  evenings,  with SPIE providing authors with boards and easels for
presentation setup.  All conference chairs encourage authors  to  con-
tribute  papers  with  technical content that lends itself well to the
poster format.  Please indicate your preference on the abstract.

Oral Presentation.  Each author is generally allowed 15 minutes plus a
five-minute discussion period.  SPIE will provide the following  media
equipment  free  of  charge:  35mm carousel slide projectors, overhead
projectors, electric pointers, and video  equipment  (please  give  at
least two weeks advance notice).

|          Abstract Due Date:   14 December 1992*                    |
|          Manuscript Due Date: 14 June 1993                         |
|                                                                    |
|  *Note: Late abstract submissions may be considered, subject to    |
|         program time availability and chair's approval.            |

SPIE -- The International Society for Optical Engineering.  SPIE is a
nonprofit  society  dedicated to advancing engineering and scientific
applications of optical, electro-optical, and optoelectronic  instru-
mentation,  systems,  and  technology.  Its  members  are  scientists,
engineers, and users interested in the reduction to practice of these
technologies. SPIE provides the means for communicating new  develop-
ments  and applications to the scientific, engineering, and user com-
munities through its publications, symposia, and short courses.

Contact:          SPIE, P.O. Box 10, Bellingham, WA 98227-0010, USA.
                  Telephone 206-676-3290 (Pacific Time),
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                  Opto-Link 206-733-2998, E-mail spie at,
                  CompuServe 71630,2177.

Shipping Address: SPIE, 1000 20th Street, Bellingham, WA 98225, USA.

In Europe:        SPIE, Xantener Strasse 22, D 1000 Berlin 15, Germany
                  Telephone 49-30-883-9507, Fax 49-30-882-2028,
                  Telex 181 479 speco d

In Japan:         SPIE, c/o O.T.O. Research Corporation,
                  Takeuchi Building, 1-34-12 Takatanobaba,
                  Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160, Japan.
                  Telephone 03/3208-7821, Fax 03/3200-2889,
                  Telex 232 4199 otores j,


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