HMC Symposium on Pattern Formation

Robert M. Keller keller at
Tue Nov 24 17:59:19 EST 1992

			   February 12-13, 1993
			    Harvey Mudd College
			Claremont, California 91711
The   symposium   will   provide  a   focus   on  pattern   formation  from
multidisciplinary  vantage points, particularly  on aspects  of interest to
biologists,  computer scientists,  mathematicians, and physical scientists.
It will examine current questions in pattern formation within each of these
fields and also with cross-disciplinary perspectives.  The area  of pattern
formation  includes formation  of  both  natural  and  artificial  cellular
organisms,  formation  of patterns  on  and  within  these  organisms,  and
space-time  growth patterns.  Of major concern is the formation of emergent
patterns  through  the  actions  and  interactions  of many semi-autonomous
units, none of which directs or has full knowledge of the overall process.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
     Cell growth		Fractals		Morphogenesis
     Cellular automata		Genetic algorithms	Osmotic growth
     Chaotic patterns		Genetic patterns	Percolation theory
     Emergent computation	L-systems		Reaction-diffusion
     Feature formation		

Partial list of invited speakers and their topics

Richard Belew, University of California, San Diego  
Interposing a model of development between neural networks and 
  genetic algorithms

Bruce Boghosian, Thinking Machines Inc.
Cellular automata fluids

Leah Edelstein-Keshet, University of British Columbia  
Theories of pattern formation based on short and long-ranged interaction

Stephanie Forrest, University of New Mexico     
Emergent computation in the immune system

Scott Fraser, Caltech
Patterning of the developing brain

John Gerhart, University of California, Berkeley 

Rob Shaw, MacArthur Fellow              
Transitions to turbulence in a reaction-diffusion system

David Soll, University of Iowa                 
Rhythmic behavior of cells in chemotactic waves during 
    dicytostelium aggregation

Requests for participation 

Requests for participation by  researchers, faculty, and students should be
directed  to one  of the organizing  committee  listed  below.   Applicants
should state briefly why they desire to participate and indicate the nature
of their contribution, if any.  The  number of participants may be  limited
due  to physical constraints.  Contributed  papers  are welcome  and  it is
anticipated that  a proceedings will be  published. The final selection  of
papers will be  made by the organizing  committee in consultation  with the
advisory board.   A registration fee of $75 U.S. will be charged to  defray
costs.  The fee will include two lunches and  one dinner  at the conference
site.  Student participation is  encouraged  and it is  expected that  some
scholarships will be available.

Organizing committee

T.J.  Mueller, Biology (chair)    mueller at 909-621-8561
Robert Keller, Computer Science  keller at, 909-621-8483
Robert Borrelli, Mathematics    borrelli at, 909-621-8023
Stavros Busenberg, Mathematics busenberg at, 909-621-8023
Harvey Mudd College        
Claremont, CA 91711

Symposium advisory board

Leah Edelstein-Keshet, University of British Columbia
Scott Fraser, Caltech
David Goldberg, University of Illinois
J.D. Murray, University of Washington
Clifford Pickover, IBM Watson Research Center

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