Very Fast Simulated Reannealing version 6.20

Lester Ingber ingber at
Mon Nov 30 10:17:21 EST 1992

             Lester Ingber ingber at
              Bruce Rosen rosen at
The good news is that the people who have gotten our beta version of
VFSR to work on their applications are very pleased.  The bad news is
that because of some blunders made in the process of making the code
user-friendly, the code has to be modified to use as a standalone
function call.  This bug is corrected and some other fixes/changes
are made in version v6.20.
This version is now updated in netlib at  It will
eventually find its way into the other NETLIB archives.
To access the new version:
     local% ftp
     Name ( netlib
     Password: [type in your_login_name or anything]
     ftp> cd opt
     ftp> binary
     ftp> get vfsr.Z
     ftp> quit
     local% uncompress vfsr.Z
     local% sh vfsr
Electronic Mail Request
     local% mail netlib at
     [mail netlib at]
     [mail netlib at]
     [mail netlib at]
     [mail netlib at]
     send vfsr from opt
     ^D [or however you send mail]

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