Artificial Life NewsGroup?

Robert Seymour rseymour at
Sat Oct 17 12:29:57 EST 1992

	Is there a newsgroup dedicated to (or having as one of its topics)
artificial life.  I am currently working on an artificial life project
studying adaptive and evolutionary properties of simulated life forms (for
those of you in the know, were looking at telic and usage waves).  We are
also expanding into studying evolutionary properties of allowing the species
minds to grow and enhance through mutation and selection.  I would like to
talk to other persons in this field, but I didn't see any group that sounded
appropriate.  Thank you in advance.

P.S.	If you're in this field or interested in it, feel free to email me to  
	share ideas/information.

Robert Seymour				rseymour at
Departments of Physics and Philosophy
Artificial Life Project			Reed College
Reed Solar Energy Project (SolTrain)	Portland, OR

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