Announcement of WOrkshop and Tutorial on Algorithms for Molecular Sequence Alignment

Tandy Warnow twarnow at
Fri Oct 16 13:11:56 EST 1992

                      Tutorial and Workshop on
             Algorithms for Molecular Sequence Alignment

                         Nov. 5 - 6, 1992
              University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Sandia National Laboratories and the Computer Science Department at 
the University of New Mexico are pleased to announce a tutorial and 
workshop on {\em Algorithms for Molecular Sequence Alignment}, to be 
held on Nov. 5 and 6, 1992, at the University of New Mexico, in 
Albuquerque, NM.  The tutorial is designed to introduce the problem 
of molecular sequence alignment, while the workshop will focus on new 
algorithmic techniques for this fundamental problem in computational 
biology.  The tutorial and workshop will be free and open to the public.
Graduate students and postdocs are especially encouraged to attend.
For further information about this meeting, contact Tandy Warnow
at (505) 845-7604, or by email at twarnow at

This workshop and tutorial will immediately precede the meeting of
the Program in Mathematics and Molecular Biology on Nucleic Acid 
Structure and Function, which will be held from Nov. 7-11 in Santa
Fe, New Mexico.  For further information on the PMMB meeting,
please contact Sylvia SPenger at (510) 643-7799.

Thursday, Nov. 5: Tutorial

       Topics to be covered include:
            biological background, optimal pairwise alignments,
            global and local alignment, suboptimal pairwise alignments,
            distance vs. similarity, scoring matrices, database searching, 
            and multiple alignment: trees and profiles.

 Instructor: Martin Vingron
             Department of Mathematics
             University of Southern California

Friday, Nov. 6:  Workshop


"On Suboptimal Alignments of Biological Sequences" 
        Dalit Naor
        Department of Biochemistry
        Stanford University

"Multiple Alignment with Guaranteed Error Bounds" 
        Pavel Pevzner
        Department of Computer Science
        Pennsylvania State University

"Scoring Systems for Macromolecular Sequence Comparison"
        Stephen Altschul
        National Institute of Health

Title to be announced
        John Kececioglu
        Department of Computer Science
        University of California at Davis

"Analysis and Biological Evaluation of Parametric Sequence Alignments"
        Martin Vingron
        Department of Mathematics
        University of Southern California

"Dinucleotide Simple Sequence Repeats in Human DNA"
        David Torney
        Los Alamos National Laboratories

"3-D Profile Method and its Application in Protein Secondary Structure Prediction"
        Kam Zhang
        Molecular Biology Institute
        University of California at Los Angeles

For further information, please contact Tandy Warnow at (505) 845-7604
or by email at twarnow at

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