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                          VISIONS OF COMPLEXITY

                 An Exhibition of Pictures Illustrating
                   Complex Visual Patterns in Nature,
                          Science & Mathematics

Contest for the Best Picture

A remarkable feature of the new interdisciplinary field of Complex
Systems is that much of the research gives rise to particularly
beautiful images.  Many readers will have seen pictures of fractals and
other images that have been generated in the course of scientific
research, but many other pictures, also illustrating complexity in
nature, are now created for aesthetic reasons alone.  Many of the
natural phenomena which have been the subject of artists down the ages
are now recognized as complex patterns arising from simple forces ---
patterns formed by the wind or the sea in the sand, patterns formed by
freezing or drying, the intricate organisation of the branches or
leaves of a plant.

In December the ANU will host the inaugural national conference on
Complex Systems and Parallel Computing.  The meeting is sponsored by
the Centre for Information Science Research, the Research School of
Biological Sciences and the National Resource Information Centre.  In
conjunction with the conference the University Drill Hall Gallery will
host an exhibition entitled ``Visions of Complexity'', which will run
from December 14, 1992 into early 1993.

Submissions for the exhibition are invited.  The top 50 entries will be
selected for display, and the catalogue will optionally include the
price of exhibits for sale.  A prize of $AUD250 will be awarded for the
best entry in the contest.  Accepted entries will be required for the
exhibition from the conference through until the end of January.

Further information may be obtained from the Conference Convenors:
Terry Bossomaier (R.S.Phys.S.E., tel. +61-6-249 2465, fax +61-6-249 1884)
or David Green (R.S.B.S., tel. +61-6-249 2490).

Contest Rules

- Entries must illustrate the theme of the exhibition --- the emergence
  of complex patterns from simple sources.

- Entries may be entirely artificial, generated by computer, or be
  photographs or other illustrations of complexity in nature.

- Entries should be in the size range 25x20cm up to a maximum of one
  metre square and may be monochrome or colour.

- Entries may be framed, mounted on thick card, or polystyrene foam or
  unmounted.  Slides are not acceptable.  Consideration will be given
  to electronic submission on application to the contest editor.

- All accepted entries must be available for the duration of the
  exhibition, and will be returned as soon as possible afterwards.
  Others will be returned after judging is complete.  Unmounted,
  accepted entries will be subject to a $AUD15 mounting fee (waived for
  conference delegates).

- Entries must be the work, copyright and unencumbered property of the
  contestant.  Prior exhibition or publication is not excluded.

- The maximum number of entries per contestant is four.

- The contest is now open.  The contest will close at 5.00 p.m.
  (Australian Eastern Summer Time, GMT+11) on Friday November 27, 1992.

- Members of the organizing committee of the Complex Systems conference
  and their relatives are ineligible for the contest.

- The contest editor will not enter into correspondence regarding

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                          VISIONS OF COMPLEXITY

			       Entry Form

TO:       The Contest Editor, Visions of Complexity,
	  c/o Michelle Moravec, Complex Systems Conference Secretary,
	  R.S.Phys.S.E., Australian National University,
	  G.P.O. Box 4, Canberra, A.C.T. 2601.

Please enter my submission in the ``Visions of Complexity''
competition.  It is submitted in accordance with the rules.




ENTRY DESCRIPTION: (for computer-generated images)



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