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*                Houston, Texas, Nov 1-3, 1992                   *
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Sponsored by the W.M. Keck Center for Computational Biology,
a joint program of Rice University, Baylor College of Medicine,
and the University of Houston.
Symposium Speakers:
John Wooley, DOE,
"Opportunities in Computational Biology"
Ken Kennedy, Rice,
"Programming Software Support for Massively Parallel Computers"
Geoffrey Fox, Syracuse,
"Physical Models for Optimization"
Larry Smarr, NCSA and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
"Supercomputing and the Transformation of Science"
Bob Robbins, Johns Hopkins University,
"Interconnectivity of Genome Databases"
Mike Waterman, USC, "Finding and Interpreting an Infinite Number of
 Sequence Comparisons in Finite Time"
Alan Lapedes, Los Alamos Nat'l Lab,
"Protein Structure and Function Using Neural Networks and Information Theory"
Richard Lathrop, MIT,
"Massively Parallel Learning Methods for Protein Sequence Patterns"
Joachim Frank, SUNY-Albany,
"Crystallography Without Crystals, a Computational Challenge"
Wilfred van Gunsteren, ETH, "Molecular Modeling of Biomolecules:  Striking
 a Balance between Supercomputing and Back-of-the-envelope Calculations"
Herbert Hauptman, Medical Foundation of Buffalo,
"A Minimal Principle in the Phase Problem of Crystallography"
Gregory Petsko, Brandeis, "Protein Crystallography and Computational Biophysics:
 A Marriage Made in Heaven or the Other Place?"
Workshops (with invited discussion leaders):
Information Sharing in the Human Genome Program
HP Fortran and Fortran 90 Tutorial:  What's Coming for Scientific Programmers?
Demonstration of the Virtual Notebook System
HIV Genome Analysis and Comparisons
Visualization using SGI's Explorer -- Introduction
Computing 3-D Structures and Interactions in the Nucleus
Molecular Dynamics on Advanced Architectures
Computational Electron Microscopy
Visualization using SGI's Explorer -- Hands-on Experience
Abstracts are required for invited and poster presentations and will be
published in the "Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton".
For more information and/or to receive registration information
and abstract forms, contact:
       L. Groeger, groeger at, (713) 285-5352, FAX (713) 285-5154

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