Summer School of Brain Research

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	           August 23-27, 1993
	       Amsterdam, The Netherlands
	  Organized by The Netherlands Institute
	           for Brain Research
		 under the auspices of the
        Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences and
             the Amsterdam Neuroscience Network

In August 1993, the traditional bi-annual Summer School of Brain Research
will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Summer School will
feature tutorial lectures about up-to-date experimental and mathematical
research on self-organization in neurons and networks, structure-function
relations and their role in the development and functional adaptation of
the brain. These themes will be explored at different levels of organization
in the brain: growth cones, neurons, networks and interrelated networks.

Participation is open for all researchers interested in the subject, and
participants are invited to present their work in poster sessions.

Information and application forms can be obtained from:

smail:        T. Eikelboom and W. Verweij
	      Netherlands Institute for Brain Research
	      Meibergdreef 33
	      NL - 1105 AZ Amsterdam
	      The Netherlands
	      Phone: (31) 20 5665508
	      FAX: (31) 20 6961006

email:        M. van Veen, mark%nibr at

N.B. All applications should be sent in by regular mail.

Organizing Committee: J. van Pelt, M. Corner, H. Uylings, T. Eikelboom,
W. Verweij, A. van Ooyen and M. van Veen.

Advisory Committee: F. H. Lopes da Silva (Amsterdam, The Netherlands),
H. Parnas (Jerusalem, Israel), A. Schierwagen (Leipzig, Germany).

Sessions and confirmed speakers:
0- Introduction
     M. Corner, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

1- Growth Cone Dynamics, Neuritic Outgrowth and Neuronal
     P. Letourneau, Minneapolis, USA.
     S. Kater, Ft. Collins, USA.
     M. Black, Philadelphia, USA.
     M. van Veen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
     H. Uylings, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2- Neuronal Morphology, Excitability and Signal Processing
     J. van Pelt, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
     A. Schierwagen, Leipzig, Germany.
     R. Llinas, New York, USA.
     N. Spitzer, San Diego, USA.
     H. Parnas, Jerusalem, Israel.
     A. Holden, Leeds, UK.
     B. Connors, Providence, USA.
3- Factors Controlling Neuronal Network Development
     R. Oppenheim, Winston-Salem, USA.
     D. O'Leary, La Jolla, USA.
     Y. Ben-Ari, Paris, France.
     M. Bear, Providence, USA.
     M. Constantine-Paton, New Haven, USA.
     C. M"uller, T"ubingen, Germany.
4- Neuronal Network Dynamics
     J. Taylor, London, UK.
     R. Traub, Yorktown Heights, USA.
     M. Abeles, Jerusalem, Israel.
     A. van Ooyen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
5- Functional Operation of Multiple Circuits in the Brain
     W. Freeman, Berkeley, USA.
     F. Lopes da Silva, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
     D. Purves, Durham, USA.
     R. Eckhorn, Marburg, Germany.

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