Long-range genomic patterns

Eric Cabot ecec at midway.uchicago.edu
Thu Apr 1 16:01:29 EST 1993

   I'm not claiming that DNA sequences either are or aren't random.
I merely reported the results of my toying around with the 
chaos game applied to DNA sequences.  (You might be more familiar
with the name Sierpinsky triangle than chaos game.).
   You make a good point about random number generators. In 
fact when I'm trying to do something with random numbers I usually
do follow the algorithms given in Numerical Recipes.  In case
you are wondering, I used the Borland Pascal Version 7 random number
generator in integer mode.

   If anyone out there is interested in recieving a copy of the source
code for the chaos game just drop me an e-note.

-Eric Cabot
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