Very Fast Simulated Reannealing (VFSR) Netlib & Statlib updates

Lester Ingber ingber at
Sun Apr 4 15:30:21 EST 1993

Very Fast Simulated Reannealing (VFSR) Netlib & Statlib updates

To get on or off blind-copy VFSR e-mailings, just send
an e-mail to ingber at with your request.

VFSR is a robust algorithm for nonlinear optimization.  Major changes
since it was made publicly available under the GNU Copyleft in Nov
92 include support for independent setting of scales of annealing
of parameters, extended documentation, and a new option novel to
optimization algorithms permitting VFSR to recursively optimize
its own Program Options for a given system.  The unique latter
capability required a major rewriting of the code to pass only local
pointer-parameters in the vfsr module.

It should be noted that some people have generally criticized simulated
annealing algorithms as _not_ containing enough free parameters to
tune different complex systems.   While VFSR has demonstrated that
it is surprisingly robust given its default parameters, it also is
capable of quite a bit of "tuning";  I put these parameters outside
the code, in a separate structure, to enable people so motivated to
be able to tune their optimizations of their systems.

Codes in Netlib and Statlib have been updated, replacing version 6.38.

                NETLIB (compressed share file) version 9.3
        [login as netlib, your_login_name as password]
        cd opt
        get vfsr.Z
	mail netlib at [AT&T Bell Labs, NJ, USA]
	mail netlib at [Oak Ridge Natl Lab, TN, USA]
	mail netlib at [U Kent, UK]
	mail netlib at [Oslo, Norway]
	mail netlib at [U Wollongong, NSW, Australia]
and send the one-line message
        send vfsr from opt
(It may take a week or so for the code in to propagate
to the other netlib sites.)

                STATLIB (uncompressed share file) version 9.3
        [login as statlib, your_login_name as password]
        cd general
        get vfsr
        mail statlib at
and send the one-line message
        send vfsr from general
(It may take a few days for the new version to be installed here.)

After getting the file, on your local machine:
	ingber% uncompress vfsr.Z [If a compressed file was obtained]
	ingber% sh vfsr
	ingber% cd VFSR.DIR
The directory VFSR.DIR contains the code.

If you do not have ftp access, get information on the FTPmail service
by sending the word "help" as a message to ftpmail at
If you receive VFSR via e-mail, then first `uudecode mailfile',
(where mailfile may be a synthesis of several files) to get vfsr.Z,
and then follow the previous directions.

If this is not convenient, and if your mailer can handle large files,
I directly can send you the code or papers you require via e-mail.
Sorry, I cannot assume the task of mailing out hardcopies of code
or papers.


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