Long-range genomic patterns

Chad Price price at helios.unl.edu
Thu Apr 8 13:39:52 EST 1993

ecec at midway.uchicago.edu (Eric Cabot) writes:

>   I'm not claiming that DNA sequences either are or aren't random.
>I merely reported the results of my toying around with the 
>chaos game applied to DNA sequences.  (You might be more familiar
>with the name Sierpinsky triangle than chaos game.).

Sorry, I didn't expect my post to be interpreted as an argument. (In fact I
can't remember what I said; but I do remember some local molecular biologists
(including my wife) jumping all over me when I made some comments about DNA
sequences being more random that the output of a random number generator. I
think I now have them convinced I am right (and why.. There seems to be a good

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