Grand Challenges for High Performance Computing

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The Organizing Committee would like to call your attention to the
"Conference on Grand Challenges for High Performance Computing" to be held
May 7, 1993 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The objective of the Conference is to promote dialogue and interaction
among leaders in the multi-sector United States high performance computing
community including industry, academia and the federal agencies.  The
Conference is jointly sponsored by nine Federal agencies contributing to
the High Performance Computing and Communications Initiative.

The Conference is divided into four major sections:  Keynote Address;
Applications Workshop Summary; Software Technology Report; and a Panel on
Industrial Applications.

1.  Keynote Address
An address focusing on the importance of High Performance Computing and
Communications to the nation will be given.  A prominent national figure
has been invited to give this address.

2.  Applications Workshop Summary
Summarized presentations from the "HPCC Workshop on Grand Challenge
Applications and Software Technology" for the following areas will be given
by experts in their fields:

- Environmental and Earth Sciences
- Computational Physics
- Computational Biology, Chemistry, and Material Sciences
- Computational Fluid Plasma Dynamics
- Applications of Artificial Intelligence

3.  Software Technology Report
As also identified in the Workshop, the needs and requirements for software
technology in the following areas will be presented:

  I/O & Data Systems for HPC                 Parallel Programming
  HP Fortran and Parallel                            Tools/Libraries
      Programming Paradigms                   Algorithms
  HPC Performance Evaluation               Visualization
  Multidisciplinary Applications

4.  Panel on Industrial Applications
Panelists will represent the following areas:  aeronautics (civil transport
and materials); petroleum; automotive; manufacturing, health care in the
area of imagery or information delivery (and including pharmaceuticals);
financial (esp. modeling).  The Panelists will address:

   Relevance and impact of the science and engineering Grand Challenge
Applications on Industrial Applications in their industry (especially
techniques and methodologies),
   Importance and relevance of identified software technology challenges on
their industrial applications
   General view of the Grand Challenge industrial applications (the
so-called National Challenges) in their community.

Please note that the results of the HPCC "Workshop on Grand Challenge
Applications and Software Technology" will be reported at this Conference. 
The Workshop which will be held prior to the Conference is, however, by
invitation only.  The purpose of the Workshop is to bring HPCC Grand
Challenge applications research groups supported under the HPCC Initiative
together with HPCC software technologists in order to:  discuss
multidisciplinary computational science research issues and approaches;
refine the software technology requirements for Grand Challenge
applications research; and, identify the major technology challenges facing
users and providers.  The results will be presented during the Conference.

If you would like additional information on the Conference please contact
the Conference Coordinator at (phone:  412/268-4960, email:  hpcc at

Paul H. Smith
Organizing Committee Chair

****************CONFERENCE INFORMATION*******************

Conference on Grand Challenges for High Performance Computing
                                       May 7, 1993


National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Science Foundation
Department of Energy
National Institutes of Health
Environmental Protection Agency
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
National Security Agency
National Institute of Standards and Technology
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Paul H. Smith, NASA, Chair               Stephen M. Griffin, NSF, Exec.
Norman Glick, NSA                             Fred Johnson, NIST
Tom Kitchens, DOE                            Jacob Maizel, NIH
Joan Novak, EPA                               Tom Pyke, NOAA
Robert Voigt, NSF                              Gil Weigand, ARPA


Rick Stevens, ANL, Chair                  Fran Berman, U. of California,
San Diego
Al Brenner, SRC                                 Phillip Colella, U.
California, Berkeley
Kevin Drogenmeir, U. Oklahoma      Ian Foster, ANL
Geoffrey Fox, NPAC, Syracuse       Mike Heath, U. Illinois/NCSA
Ken Kennedy, Rice U.                       Tom Kitchens, DOE
Robert Martino, NIH                            Paul Messina, Caltech
Reagan Moore, SDSC                      Dan Reed, U. Illinois
Ralph Roskies, PSC                          Manny Salas, NASA/LaRC
Joel Saltz, U. Maryland                     Ahmed Sameh, CSRD
Fran Sullivan, SRC                           Andy White, LANL
Paul Woodward, U. Minnesota

**************PRELIMINARY AGENDA*********************


A Joint Agency HPCC Conference

Friday, May 7, 1993

  8:00- 9:00	Welcome and Keynote
  9:00-10:00	Application 5 Panel Summaries
 10:00-10:30	Break
 10:30-12:35	Break-out Summaries (5)
 12:35- 1:30	Lunch
  1:30- 3:10	Break-out Summaries (4)
  3:10- 3:30	Break
  3:30- 5:00	Industrial Panel
  5:00	Adjourn

*****************OTHER INFORMATION*********************************

HOTEL:  Hyatt Regency Hotel,  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -- 412/471-1234


REGISTRATION FEE:  $100.00 (estimated)


For further information contact:

Conference Coordinator (phone  412/268-4960, email:  hpcc at

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