Call for Papers and Referees: PROTEIN STRUCTURE PREDICTION

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Thu Apr 29 15:22:00 EST 1993


  Call for Papers and Referees For a Biotechnology Computing Minitrack
	Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences -- 27
		 Maui, Hawaii  ---  January 4--7, 1994

	    co-chairs Richard H. Lathrop and A. Keith Dunker

The Biotechnology Computing Track of HICSS-27 will offer a wide range of
computational biotechnology topics extending throughout the entire
conference.  There will be a special full-day session, or minitrack,
focusing on computational approaches to protein structure prediction.
This minitrack will bring together researchers who have taken widely
divergent approaches to the problem, in order to explore the possibility
of constructive interaction and integration of the methods in a
workshop-like atmosphere.  All accepted papers will be published by IEEE
Computer Society Press in the conference proceedings.

The intent of this mini-track is two-fold:

  * First is to facilitate communication: to directly exchange
    information and ideas between workers in the area, and to provide a
    forum for the presentation of the latest results and approaches
    to protein folding.
  * Second, is to encourage discussions of synergies: to explore how
    the different approaches to different sub-problems fit together,
    to examine what mutual light they may shed on each other, and to
    grope toward a framework or frameworks within which the constraints
    imposed by solutions to sub-problems may interact to impose yet
    more powerful constraints on the overall protein folding problem.

We invite novel computational approaches to protein structure prediction,
including (but not limited to):
  *  direct folding methods;
  *  ``inverse'' protein folding;
  *  homology-derived techniques;
  *  tertiary topology prediction;
  *  native versus incorrect folds;
  *  amino acid packing constraints;
  *  amino acid environments;
  *  secondary structure prediction;
  *  lattice folding models;
  *  domain segmentation;
  *  side-chain conformation;
  *  residue-residue contact studies;
  *  synthetic energy potentials;
  *  main chain torsion angle analysis;
  *  statistics or machine learning.

We especially encourage papers that describe operational systems which
integrate multiple methods and approaches, that present data and
analysis exploring alternative characterizations of the protein folding
problem, or that link computational approaches to experimental results.

Persons willing to serve as referees should send their name, electronic
and physical address, telephone and FAX number to the minitrack
co-chair.  Authors of submissions to this minitrack may not serve as


Manuscripts should be 22-26 typewritten, double-spaced pages in 10 or 12
point type; do not send submissions significantly longer or shorter.
Papers must not have been previously presented or published, nor
currently submitted for journal publication.  Each manuscript will be
refereed by at least five reviewers.  Manuscripts should include a title
page that identifies the title of the paper, the full name(s) of the
author(s), affiliation(s), complete mailing and electronic address(es),
telephone and FAX number(s) and a 300 word abstract.

  * PAPERS DUE (six copies) to minitrack co-chair:  7 June 1993
  * Notification of paper acceptances:  31 August 1993
  * CAMERA READY COPY DUE to minitrack co-chair:  1 October 1993
  * The conference itself is January 4-7, 1994, in Maui, Hawaii

Acceptance will be based on the submitted paper due 7 June 1993.

Authors of accepted papers may revise them before submitting camera
ready copy due 1 October 1993.  We strongly suggest submitting an
(optional) informal 300 word abstract as early as possible, in order to
permit higher quality papers by early feedback to authors.  A late
abstract is preferable to none at all.  The abstract may be submitted by
email, but the paper must be submitted in hardcopy (six copies).

Limited funding may become available for student or post-doc co-authors
who could not otherwise attend.


Richard H. Lathrop
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