Robert Rosen

suresh krishnajois sureshk at suntzu.wpd.sgi.com
Thu Feb 4 19:25:03 EST 1993

Thanks a lot for all bionetters who sent me pointers to Robert Rosen.

I have another question. So far his writings on Relational Biology have been
pretty unclear to me. Probably partly because I am not a professional
theoretical biologist. I can follow the mathematics, but cannot get a holistic
sense of where it is leading me. Can anyone help me with references to any
expositions of Rosen's (or others) work on Relational Biology, at a level of
density that is penetrable by an average Computer Scientist.

Suresh Krishnajois

sureshk at suntzu.wpd.sgi.com
415-390-5454 (work)

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