Computational molecular biology grad programs?

Will Nelson wnelson at
Mon Feb 8 18:54:01 EST 1993

jnelson at (Julie Nelson) writes:


>I would appreciate it if anyone who knows of graduate programs in 
>computational molecular biology in the U.S. could give me information
>about them; I have a B.S. in biochemistry and will soon have an M.S.
>in information science, if that helps any.

>Please send email to 
>julie at

>Thanks in advance (and I hope this was the appropriate group for this post),
>Julie Nelson

I'm way behind on my news reading, and I haven't really checked
to see if anyone has answered your question, but I can tell you
that Stanford has a Medical Information Sciences Program.
I think you can get information from Edward Shortliffe, the
chair and program director. His e-mail address is ehs at
I myself am not in the program, but the lab I hang out in
has a couple of students in it.

Will Nelson
Computer Resource Administrator
The Beckman Center at Stanford
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