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New electronic journal for cognitive science

Kevin Korb korb at bruce.cs.monash.edu.au
Wed Feb 10 01:05:51 EST 1993


         an interdisciplinary journal of research on consciousness

     Psyche is a refereed electronic journal dedicated to supporting the
interdisplinary exploration of the nature of consciousness and its relation to
the brain.  Psyche publishes material relevant to that exploration from the
perspectives afforded by the disciplines of Cognitive Science, Philosophy,
Psychology, Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence and Anthropology.
Interdisciplinary discussions are particularly encouraged.
     Psyche publishes a large variety of articles and reports for a diverse
academic audience four times per year. As an electronic journal, the usual
space limitations of print journals do not apply; however, the editors request
that potential authors do not attempt to abuse the medium. Psyche also
publishes a hardcopy version simultaneously with the electronic version. Long
articles published in the electronic version may be abbreviated, synopsized or
eliminated from the hardcopy version.
     The journal publishes from time to time all of the following varieties of
articles. Many of these (as indicated below) are peer reviewed; all of them
are reviewed by editorial staff.

	Research_Articles____report original research by the author(s).
	Articles may be either purely theoretical or experimental or some
	combination of the two.  Articles of special interest occasionally
	will be followed by a selection of peer commentaries. Peer reviewed.

	Survey_Articles____report the state of the art in some area(s) of
	research.  These may be done in the form of a literature review or
	annotated bibliography.  More ambitious surveys will be peer reviewed.

	Discussion_Notes____ critique previous research. Peer reviewed.

	Tutorials__ introduce a subject area relevant to the study of
	consciousness to non-specialists.

	Letters__provide an informal forum for expressing opinions on
	editorial policy or upon material previously published in Psyche.
	Screened by the editorial staff.

	Abstracts___summarize the contents of recently published journal
	articles, books, and conference proceedings.

	Book_Reviews_____ give an indication of the contents of recent books
	and evaluate their merits as contributions to research and/or as

	Announcements______ of forthcoming conferences, paper submission
	deadlines, etc.

	Advertisements_____of immediate interest to our audience will be
	published: grants available; positions available; journal contents;
	proposals for joint research; etc.

                                Notes for authors

     Unsolicited submissions of original works within any of the above
categories are welcome. Prospective authors should send articles directly to
the executive editor. Submissions should be in a single copy of plain (ASCII)
text if submitted electronically or four (4) copies if submitted by mail.
Submitted matter should be preceded by: the author's name; address;
affiliation; telephone number; electronic mail address.  Any submission to be
peer reviewed should be preceded by a 100-200 word abstract as well.  Note
that peer review will be blind, meaning that the prefatory material will not
be made available to the referees. In the event that an article needs to be
shortened for publication in the print version of Psyche the author will be
responsible for making any alterations requested by the editors.
     Any figures required should be designed so as to be in screen-readable
ASCII. If that cannot be arranged, figures should be submitted as separate
postscript files so that they can be printed out by readers locally.
     Authors of accepted articles assign to Psyche the right to publish the
text both electronically and as printed matter and to make it available
permanently in an electronic archive. Authors will, however, retain copyright
to their articles and may republish them in any forum they want so long as
they clearly acknowledge Psyche as the orginal source of publication.


     Subscriptions to the electronic version of Psyche may be initiated by
sending the "SUBSCRIBE PSYCHE-L Firstname Lastname" one-line command (without
quotes) in the body of an electronic mail message to LISTSERV at NKI.BITNET (or
LISTSERV%NKI.BITNET at cunyvm.cuny.edu). For general information on LISTSERV
send the command "INFO PR" or "INFO ?"  Subscriptions to the print version
may be initiated by contacting the executive editor; a nominal fee will be
required to cover printing and mailing costs.


     Electronic back issues of Psyche will be availabe by anonymous ftp at
(location to be determined).  Back issues of the print version are available
for a nominal fee from the executive editor.


     Anyone who wishes to participate in the production of this
journal_whether volunteering subject-matter expertise or helping with layout
or proofreading_please contact the executive editor.

                                Book Reviews

     Please send books to be considered for review to Kevin B. Korb, Dept. of
Computer Science, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria 3168, Australia. Fax:
(03) 565-5146.

       Executive Editor:

       Patrick Wilken
       Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
       Bundoora, Victoria 3083
       x91007 at phillip.edu.au
       (03) 388-2347

       Associate Editors:

       George Buckner
       GRB%NCCIBM1.BITNET at ncsuvm.cc.ncsu.edu

       Adam Burns
       adamb at peg.pegasus.oz.au

       David Casacuberta
       Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona
       ILFF3 at ccab1.uab.es

       Kevin B. Korb
       Dept. of Computer Science
       Monash University
       Clayton, Victoria 3168
       korb at bruce.cs.monash.edu.au
       (03) 565-5198

       Evelyn Mitchell
       Dept. of Philosophy
       University of Saskatchewan
       mitchelle at sask.usask.ca

       Juan A. Siguenza
       Instituto de Ingenieria del Conocimiento
       Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
       siguenza at emdcci11.bitnet

       Stuart Watt
       Human Cognition Research Laboratory
       Open University
       Walton Hall
       Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA
       S.N.K.Watt at open.ac.uk

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