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Drosophila Theory by anon ftp

John Reinitz reinitz-john at cs.yale.edu
Thu Feb 25 15:58:40 EST 1993

A preprint of a paper that may be of interest to bionet readers is now
available for anonymous ftp from ftp.cs.yale.edu, ip address, in pub/Drosophila_Theory. Aside from the biology results,
this paper contains new applications of neural nets and simulated

The README file from pub/Drosophila_Theory is given below.

This directory, Drosophila_Theory, contains compressed 
postscript for Los Alamos Unclassified Report 92-2942,

Model for cooperative control of positional information in Drosophila
by bicoid and maternal hunchback,

by John Reinitz (Yale, Med. Informatics), 
Eric Mjolsness (Yale, Computer Science), 
and David H. Sharp (Los Alamos, Theoretical Division)


The blastoderm of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster is unusually
well suited for analysis of fundamental questions in animal
development. One such question is how genes specify the positional
information which determines the developmental pathways (fate) of
cells at appropriate spatial locations. In this paper we propose a
dynamical model of gene regulation which explicitly describes how
positional information is used in the blastoderm. The model is applied
to analyze important experimental findings on the dependence of cell
fate on the concentration of the bicoid morphogen. The model shows
that positional information in the presumptive middle body is
cooperatively determined by maternal products of the bicoid and
hunchback genes.

There are two files, called


You must use the binary mode of ftp to transfer either file.
Each file contains the complete ms, including figures. Because of
portability problems with included figures and the dvi-to-postscript
converter there are two files. One is for a SparcPrinter, the other is
for an Apple Lasrewriter (or equivalent).  Each file is compressed
using the unix 'compress' utility, and must be uncompressed before
printing. One way to do this (if you have a Laserwriter), is

yourhost% zcat  Positional_info.laserwriter.ps.Z | lpr

Any questions, comments, etc. to

reinitz-john at cs.yale.edu

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