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HICSS Biotechnology Computing Track table of contents

Larry Hunter hunter at work.nlm.nih.gov
Thu Feb 25 16:00:36 EST 1993

I thought folks would be interested in the list of papers from the recent
HICSS Biotechnology Computing Track.  I include ordering information at the
end of the posting (BTW, I have no financial stake in this book).  Lloyd
Allison graciously typed all of this information in.

						Larry Hunter

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Below is the table of contents from the Proceedings of the Hawaii
International Conference on System Sciences Biotechnology Computing Track
(Jan 1993).  

Full citation: "Proceedings of the Twenty-Sixth Annual Hawaii International
Conference on System Sciences, Volume 1: Architecture and Biotechnology
Computing," edited by T. N. Mudge, V. Milutinovic and L. Hunter, IEEE
Computer Society Press, 1993.

		       Biotechnology Computing Track.

Introduction by Track Coordinator Lawrence Hunter, pp. ix.

	     Software Support for Genome Mapping and Sequencing

Introduction by Minitrack Coordinators: M. Berlyn, J.W. Fickett, C.B.
Lawrence and S. Letovsky, pp. 532-533

"Dynamic Methods for Fragment Assembly in Large Scale Genome Sequencing
Projects," W. Istvanick, A. Kryder, G. Lewandowski, J. Meidanis, A. Rang, S.
Wyman and D. Joseph pp. 534-543

"Contig Graph Tool: A Graphical Interface for Contig Physical Map Assembly,"
R.M. Pecherer, pp. 544-553

"Class X: A Browsing Tool for Protein Sequence Megaclassifications," N.L.
Harris, D.J. States and L. Hunter, pp. 554-563

"An Object Model for Genome Information at All Levels of Resolution," S.
Honda, N.W. Parrott, R. Smith and C. Lawrence, pp. 564-573

"Overview of GRACE - A Database System for Analysis of Multiple Genomes," R.
Hagstrom, G.S. Michaels, R. Overbeek, M. Price and R. Taylor, pp. 574-584

"Analysis and Management of Data from High-Throughput Expressed Sequence Tag
Projects," A.R. Kerlavage, M.D. Adams, J.C. Kelley, M. Dubnick, J. Powell,
P. Shanmugam, J.C. Venter and C. Fields, pp. 585-594

"Australia's National Genomic Information System," A.H. Reisner, C.A.
Bucholtz, J. Smelt and S. McNeil, pp. 595-603

	     Methods for Dealing with Error and Uncertainty in
		Molecular Biology Computations and Databases

Introduction by Minitrack Coordinator: L. Allison, pp. 604

"A New Parallel Algorithm for Computations of Statistically Significant
Patterns in DNA Sequences," S. Liuni, N. Prunella, G. Pesole, T. D'Orazio,
E. Stella and A. Distante, pp. 605-612

"Modeling Errors in Restriction Mapping," T. MacKenzie, D. Platt and T. Dix,
pp. 613-619

"Calculating Shared Fragments for the Single Digest Problem," C. Soderlund,
D. Torney and C. Burks, pp. 620-630

			 Computer-Aided Drug Design

Introduction by Minitrack Coordinators: T.E.  Klein and K. Koile pp. 631-633

"An Approach to Intelligent Drug Design Support," T. Smithers, M.X. Tang and
N. Tomes, pp. 634-645

"Drug Design Using Inductive Logic Programming," R.D. King, S. Muggleton,
R.A. Lewis, A. Srinivasan, C. Feng and M.J.E. Sternberg, pp. 646-656

			Protein Structure Prediction

Introduction by Minitrack Coordinator: R.H. Lathrop, pp. 657-658

"Protein Alpha-Helix Region Prediction Based on Stochastic-Rule Learning,"
H. Mamitsuka and K. Yamanishi, pp. 659-668

"A Decision Graph Explanation of Protein Secondary Structure Prediction,"
D.L. Dowe, J. Oliver, T.I. Dix, L. Allison and C.S. Wallace, pp. 669-678

"Pattern Recognition in the Prediction of Protein Structural Class," B.A.
Metfessel and P.N. Saurugger, pp. 679-688

"An Alphabet of Amino Acid Conformations in Protein," R.T. Miller, R.J.
Douthart and A.K. Dunker, pp. 689-698

"Protein Tertiary Structure Recognition Using Optimized Associative Memory
Hamiltonians," R.A. Goldstein, Z.A. Luthey-Schulten and P.G. Wolynes, pp.

"Simulation of Helix Association in Membranes: Modeling the Glycophorin A
Transmembrane Domain," H.R. Treutlein, M.A. Lemmon, D.M. Engelman and A.T.
Brunger, pp. 708-714

"On the Applicability of Genetic Algorithms to Protein Folding," R. Unger
and J. Moult, pp. 715-725

"Protein Folding Kinetics in the Dense Phase," P.E. Leopold and E.I.
Shakhnovich, pp. 726-735

"A Simulated Annealing Approach for Probing Biomolecular Structures," D.
Bouzida, S. Kumar and R.H. Swendsen, pp. 736-743

	       AI Technologies for Molecular Biology Analysis

Introduction by Minitrack Coordinators: K. Nitta and M. Ishikawa pp. 744-745

"Stochastic Motif Extraction Using a Genetic Algorithm with the MDL
Principle," A. Konagaya and H. Kondou, pp. 746-755

"Construction of Restriction Maps Using a Genetic Algorithm," D.M. Platt and
T.I. Dix, pp. 756-762

"Finding Alphabet Indexing for Decision Trees over Regular Patterns: An
Approach to Bioinformatical Knowledge Acquisition," S. Shimozono, A.
Shinohara, T. Shinohara, S. Miyano, S. Kuhara and S. Arikawa, pp. 763-772

"Learning to Predict Reading Frames in E. Coli DNA Sequences," M.W. Craven
and J.W. Shavlik, pp. 773-782

"HMM with Protein Structure Grammar," K. Asai, S. Hayamizu and K. Onizuka,
pp. 783-791

"Protein Modeling Using Hidden Markov Models: Analysis of Globins," D.
Haussler, A. Krogh, I.S. Mian and K. Sjolander, pp. 792-802

"Protein Multiple Sequence Alignment Using Knowledge," M. Hirosawa, M.
Hoshida and M. Ishikawa, pp. 803-812

"Sequence Logos: A Powerful, Yet Simple, Tool," M.C. Shaner, I.M. Blair and
T.D. Schneider, pp. 813-821

"A Protein Sequence Database Cross-Field Association System," R. Guigo, I.
Vazquez, S. Rao and T.F. Smith, pp. 822-833

"Logic Programming and Deductive Databases for Genomic Computations: A
Comparison between Prolog and LDL," W.-K.C. Wong, pp. 834-843

"A Private Knowledge Base for Molecular Biological Research," H. Tanaka, pp.

"Representation Reasoning, and the Intermediary Metabolism of Escherichia
coli," T. Kazic, pp. 853-872

Ordering information:

The proceedings are available from the IEEE Computer Society Press (order #
Vol 1: 3230), ISBN 0-8186-3230-5.  This is volume 1 of a 4 volume set of
proceedings for the entire conference.

IEEE Computer Society Press
Customer Service Center
10662 Los Vasqueros Circle
PO Box 3014
Los Alamitos, CA 90720-1264 USA
(800) 272-6657
or +1 (714) 821-8380

Also, for non-North American orders:

IEEE Computer Society Press
13, avenue de l'Aquilon
B-1200 Brussels


IEEE Computer Society Press
Ooshima Building
2-19-1 Minami-Aoyama
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107

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