Computerized lab notebook?

Larry Zibilske rpt378 at
Wed Jan 13 11:21:57 EST 1993

Craig is absolutely correct in warning against the sole use of computer
files for data storage as a lab notebook.  I use my computer extensively
to generate data, analyze and graph data, but I have written several
programs that modify the way in which commercial programs store data such
 that I get a printout immediately of all results.  These are saved in
a notebook, and with wordprocessor help, constitute a lab notebook.  Keeping
all the raw or analyzed data on hard or floppy disk alone is foolish.  If
one is bent on doing so, I would suggest that they become a religious file
backer-upper and keep several copies of important files away from your office/l
ab.  Again, I do not trust magnetic media that much, nor do I allow my students

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