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			      Harvey Mudd College
			     February 12-13, 1993

The  symposium will provide a focus on pattern formation from multidisciplinary
vantage points,  particularly  on aspects  of  interest to biologists, computer
scientists,  mathematicians, and physical scientists.   It will examine current
questions in  pattern  formation  within  each  of  these fields  and also with
cross-disciplinary  perspectives.   The  area  of  pattern  formation  includes
formation of both  natural  and  artificial cellular  organisms,  formation  of
patterns on and  within these  organisms, and  space-time growth  patterns.  Of
major concern is  the formation of emergent  patterns  through  the actions and
interactions of many semi-autonomous units,  none of which directs or has  full
knowledge of the overall process.

			      Preliminary Program
>>>>> Friday AM

          8:30am to 9:00am -- Beckman 124

          Beckman Lecture Hall (Beckman 126)
          9:00am -- noon
 9:00 Bruce Boghosian                                   Thinking Machines, Inc.
          correlations and pattern formation in cellular automata fluids.
 9:40 Leah Edelstein-Keshet                      University of British Columbia
          Theories of pattern formation based on short and long-ranged
          interactions. (Invited)
10:20 Break                                                         Beckman 124

10:50 Karel Culik II                               University of South Carolina
          Pattern generation based on fractals, automata and L-systems.
11:30 Mei Zhu                                          University of Washington
          Mechanisms for biological pattern formation -- nonlinear effects
11:45 Michael Lyons                                                     Caltech
          Nonlinear analysis of neural pattern formation models.
12:00  LUNCH
          Green Room (Platt Campus Center)

>>>>> Friday PM

          Beckman Lecture Hall (Beckman 126)
          1:15pm to 4:05pm

 1:15 David R. Soll                                          University of Iowa
          The rhythmic behavior of cells in chemotactic waves during
          Dicytostelium Aggregation. (Invited)
 1:55 John Gerhart                                                     Berkeley
          Axis formation in Xenopus embryos. (Invited)

 2:35 Break                                                         Beckman 124

 3:05 Peter Salamon                                  San Diego State University
          Patterns in the distribution of complexity in naturally
          occurring genome sequences. (Contributed)
 3:20 Marek Kimmel                                              Rice University
          Emergence of stable DNA repeats from random sequences under
          unequal sister chromatid exchange. (Contributed)
 3:35 Mark Millonas                              Los Alamos National Laboratory
          Swarm field dynamics and functional morphogenesis.
 3:50 John O. Kessler                                     University of Arizona
          Microbial consumption patterns.
          Bridging the theory/observation gap.
          4:15pm to 5:15pm -- Beckman 126

          Reception begins at 6:00pm, Dinner at 6:30pm
          Green Room (Platt Campus Center)

>>>>> Saturday AM

          Beckman Lecture Hall (Beckman 126)

 8:30 John R. Koza                                          Stanford University
          Discovering cellular automata rules using genetic programming.
 9:10 Rik Belew                                                            UCSD
          Interposing a model of development between neural networks
          and genetic algorithms. (Invited)
 9:50 Rob Shaw                                                  McArthur Fellow
          Transitions to turbulence in a reaction-diffusion system.
10:30 Break                                                         Beckman 124

11:00 Stephanie Forrest                                University of New Mexico
          Emergent computation in the immune system. (Invited)

11:40 Kurt Fleischer                                                    Caltech
          Generating heterogeneous asymmetric artificial neural networks
          using developmental models. (Contributed)
11:55 LUNCH
          Green Room (Platt Campus Center)

>>>>> Saturday PM

          Beckman Lecture Hall (Beckman 126)

 1:15 Scott Fraser                                                      CalTech
          Patterning of the developing brain: using intravital microscopy
          to follow cell lineages and axonal growth. (Invited)
 1:55 Jonathan Roughgarden                                  Stanford University
          Patterns in the ecology of barnacle populations from the
          California current system. (Invited)
 2:35 Break                                                         Beckman 124

 3:05 Sven Jakubith                                                    Berkeley
          Spontanous pattern formation during the oxidation of Carbon
          monoxide on single crystal platinum surfaces. (Contributed)
 3:20 Andreas Herz                                                      Caltech
          Unexpected simplicity in spatio-temporal patterns in models for
          neural networks and population dynamics. (Contributed)
 3:35 Paul H. Frankel                                                       USC
          Slow synapses and robust bursting patterns.

 4:00     Panel on future directions
          4:00pm to 5:00pm -- Beckman 126

 5:00     End of Symposium

Requests for  symposium attendance by faculty, researchers  and students should
be directed to one of the organizing committee listed below, stating the nature
of interest.  The  number of participants is limited due to space  constraints.
A registration fee of $75 U.S.  will be charged to defray costs.  This fee will
include  two  lunches  and  one  dinner  at  the conference  site.  

Lodging  is  available  at Griswold's  Inn,  555  W  Foothill Blvd., Claremont.
909-626-2411 at the rate of $60 per night,  including full buffet breakfast.  A
shuttle from the Ontario, CA airport (ONT) is provided by Griswold's.

Participants might also be interested in the following  talk open to the public
the evening before, as  part of the dedication  of  the  new  F.W. Olin Science
Center at Harvey Mudd College:
			    The Computational Brain
			   Professor Terry Sejnowski
			Howard Hughes Medical Institute,
		   The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, and
		      University of California, San Diego

		     7:00 pm, Thursday, February 11, 1993
	     Galileo Hall, 301 East Twelfth Street, Claremont, CA
Symposium Organizing Committee

T.J.  Mueller, Biology (chair)   mueller at, 909-621-8561
Robert Keller, Computer Science  keller at, 909-621-8483
Robert Borrelli, Mathematics    borrelli at, 909-621-8023
Stavros Busenberg, Mathematics busenberg at h

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