3D oxalate crystal structures

John Meehan john.meehan at bioch.utas.edu.au
Thu Jan 28 17:06:10 EST 1993

G'day from down under "down under",

	I am looking for 3D crystal structures of various biological calcium 
salts.....primarily CaOxalate and hydroxyapatite although CaSulphate and 
carbonate would also be useful. 
	Also, how can these be displayed and manipulated? Are there 
databases containing these type of crystal structures? 

	Our research group is endevouring to examine how various inhibitors 
of crystallization (citrate etc) bind to these crystals in 3D space. Any 
ideas on software capable of performing this task would also be appreciated.

		many thanks
			   John Meehan

University of Tasmania
Australia  email: jmeehan at bioch.utas.edu.au

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