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                  Macromolecules, Genes, and Computers: Chapter Three
                         International Symposium and Workshop

                                August 17-22, 1993

                     Waterville Valley Resort and Conference Center
                           Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

Sponsored By:
        o       The BMERC of the College of Engineering,
                Boston University
        o       Applied Biosystems

Additional Sponsors:
    Digital Equipment Corporation
    DNA*, Inc.
    Genetics Computer Group
    Hitachi Software Engineering America, Ltd.
    IntelliGenetics, Inc.
    Molecular Simulations, Inc.
    Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    Sybase, Inc.

    There are a few openings  remaining  in  the  "Computational  Biology
Tools" computer demonstration workshop scheduled as part of this meeting.
If you wish to participate,  please  fill  in  and  return  the  attached
application form to Dawn Madden at Applied Biosystems (dawn at

                        Symposium Philosophy

This international symposium and workshop has been designed to facilitate
the  exchange  of information in the interdisciplinary domain overlapping
computer science, mathematics, genetics, medicine, and molecular biology.
The  agenda has been planned to optimize this exchange through formal and
informal formats in an enjoyable mountain resort environment. The session
topics  have  been  chosen  to  direct discussions toward the fundamental
properties of biological systems; the  enabling  technologies;   and  the
anticipated   computational   challenges  within  this  interdisciplinary

                        Meeting Program Summary

Keynote Speaker: Stuart Kauffman, Santa Fe Institute

Computer Demonstration Workshops:

Participants wishing to demonstrate software must submit abstract, system
requirements, and whether  they  will  supply  their  own  equipment  for
demonstrations during workshops.

I. Computational Biology Resources

Represented resources  and  academic  centers  will  provide  "hands  on"
demonstrations  of  their computer software and databases.  Emphasis will
be on applications to the problems within the interdisciplinary domain of
the symposium.

II. Computational Biology Tools

Contributors  will  present  "hands  on"  demonstrations  of  specialized
software and hardware during this "electronic poster session". Associated
poster will describe current and future applications.

Tutorial Workshops:

I. Use of NCBI's Tools and Services
Organizer: Jim Ostell

II. Molecular Biology Overview for the Non-Molecular Biologist
Organizer: Bob Gross

III. An Overview of Computational Tools Useful to Molecular Biologists
Organizer: Dawn Madden

Discussion Workshops:

I. Converging on a sequence database format different packages could share
Organizer: Leslie Taylor

II. Linking Analytical Tools through Interprocess Communication
Organizers: Chris Sander and Pat Gillevet


Session 1 - Genome and Biotechnology Challenges
Organizers: Charles Cantor and Patrick Gillevet
Speakers: Chris Sander, B. Dujon, Sydney Brenner, Ben Koop, Michael 
          Waterman, Nat Goodman

Session 2 - Molecular Docking and Recognition: New Approaches and
            Remaining Challenges
Organizers: Steve Bryant and A. Keith Dunker
Speakers: L. Mario Amzel, Edward Dratz, Stephen Fodor, Terry Lybrand,
          Scott Dixon, Wayne Anderson

Session 3 - Aspects of RNA Structures and Their Analyses
Organizers: Michael Zuker and Jude Shavlik
Speakers: Robert Cedergren, David Bartel, Gary J. Olsen

Session 4 - Protein Structure Analyses and Prediction
Organizers: Jean Garnier and Timothy Havel
Speakers: J. Greer, Gordon Crippen, Robert Swendsen, Mark Rance     
          Nobuhiro Go, Jorge Navaza, Robert Bruccoleri,       
          Chris Sander, Jan Hermans

Session 5 - Gene Regulation: Representation, Modeling, and Generalization
Organizers: David Farb and John Reinitz
Speakers: Carl Parker, Nadia Rosenthal, David Sharp, Denis Thieffry,
          Alan P. Wolffe

Session 6 - New Artificial Intelligence and Computational Methods
Organizers: Richard Lathrop and Jude Shavlik
Speakers: David Haussler, Larry Hunter, David Searls

Session 7 - Biological Databases: Design and Function
Organizer: David Landsman
Speakers: Jim Ostell, Amos Bairoch, Bill Gelbart


                     Meeting and Computer Workshop Application Form

Please return by July 9, 1993 to:  
Dawn Madden
Applied Biosystems
850 Lincoln Centre Drive
Foster City, CA 94404
FAX: 415-572-2743
Phone: 415-570-6667x8803
E-mail: dawn at

Registration Information

Name: [                                         ]
Title:[                                         ]
Sex: [ ] M   [ ] F

Institutional Affiliation: 
[                                                               ]

[                                                               ]
[                                                               ]
[                                                               ]
Phone: [(   )           ]
FAX:   [(   )           ] 
E-mail: [                               ]

Are you applying for travel support?   [ ] Yes    [ ] No

Housing and Meal Options

Please check your preference:

   [ ]      Conference fee-double occupancy         $485 per person
            (Includes conference registration fee, housing, meals and banquet)
            Indicate desired roommate, if known:
            [                                          ]

   [ ]      Conference fee-single occupancy         $600 per person 
            (Includes conference registration fee, housing, meals and banquet)

   [ ]      Housing only-for guests not attending conference     $300 per person            (Includes double occupancy housing only. All meals must be paid for

Please check banquet meal preference:  
[ ] Filet Mignon     [ ] Broiled Swordfish     [ ] Vegetarian 
Do you have any special housing or dietary needs? 
If so, please indicate their nature. 
  [                                                                           ]

Please mail a 10% deposit with hard copy of  this  form  in  addition  to
submitting the filled in form by electronic mail.  (Make check payable to
Applied Biosystems)

Signature [                                    ]  Date: [               ]

Equipment and Telecommunications Requirements for Computer Demonstration:

Computer Equipment You Will Provide:


Type a brief  abstract  of  your  anticipated  poster  session,  computer
application  workshop presentation, or current research activities in the
space below. All participants are expected  to  contribute  to  either  a
poster session or computer workshop.





James Candlin

email:	james at		Applied Biosystems, Inc
phone:	+1 415 570 6667 x8742		850 Lincoln Centre Drive
fax:	+1 415 572 2743			Foster City
					CA 94404, USA

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