simulation of blood flow

Michael Resch zra60100 at
Thu Jul 29 09:06:54 EST 1993

i do not know whether this is the appropriate newsgroup for my question
(i did not manage to find something like biorheology). 
anyway i try to get some information here.

i'm currently working on my thesis about the numerical simulation of 
blood flow in large arteries. i have already worked on this topic during 
my studies at graz/austria and we then described blood as a newtonian
or generalized newtonian fluid. in my thesis i would like to use better
models to describe the viscoelastic behaviour of blood (e.g. Oldroyd B).

it would be interesting to know if there is anyone out there who works in this 
field or who investigates the behaviour of blood in search of useful 

also any pointers to relevant literature are welcome.

if you have some information please e-mail to 

	resch at

thanks a lot in advance

michael resch

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