More Information on CDM-DS 3.1

Arturo Grapa agrapa at
Sun Jun 6 13:01:07 EST 1993

			More Information on CDM-DS 3.1

        We have received a large number of requests for more information
on the CDM-DS 3.1. In response, we are in the process of setting up an
ftp site at '', which will contain archives for the
recently completed CDM-DS version 3.2, demos, online help, and papers that we
have published previously about the system and its applications in aids
research.  We will mail an announcement as soon as the site becomes available.
        The CDM-DS 3.2 software is free. When you register with us, you
will receive a manual and tutorial at a shareware price of $15 - $20 to cover
the cost of printing, shipping, and a small chunk of manpower.
        In the meantime, for those of you who wanted a few techbits: the
CDM-DS is a general development environment for creating complex systems
simulators, called cellular device machines (hence the CDM). A cdm is a
virtual machine modelled loosely after nearest-neighbor lattice automata
(cellular automata). Simulations are created on these cdm simulators by
writing creature objects in the CDM-DS simulation language SLANG, and
then letting populations of these creatures interact. The dynamics of a cdm
simulation essentially evolves on the basis of contact interactions that
manipulate classifier properties.  SLANG is a genuinely independent
language that serves as a standard for complex system simulation in the context
of the CDM-DS.
        Until our announcement of the ftp site, we thank you for your
interest in our work at BITMed.


                                        Arturo Grapa
                                        Technology Transfer Coordinator

                                        Prof. Hans B. Sieburg

                                        Lab. for Biological Informatics
                                        & Theoretical Medicine (BITMed)

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