[Methods to prove 2-sets of seq. are from diff. populations]

Carla Kuiken kuiken at amc.uva.nl
Sun Jun 6 13:13:55 EST 1993

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to find a way to 'prove' that 2 sets of sequences are
from different populations. I have two sets of (shortish, 300 nt)
sequences from the HIV (AIDS virus) genome, one set from virus
isolated from brain tissue, the other from serum from the same
patients. They look different, and come out separate in phylogenetic
analysis, but bootstrapping doesn't give the distinction very high
reliability. It does show up in other visual methods (e.g. PCOORD,
D. Higgins, CABIOS 9, pp 15-22, 1992), but I badly need some kind
of significance test to convince the sceptics. Thanks for any info.

Carla Kuiken

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