BITMed Announces FTP Site

Arturo Grapa agrapa at
Fri Jun 25 11:38:29 EST 1993

                        BITMed ANNOUNCES THE FTP SITE
                           FOR CDM-DS VERSION 3.2

        As a followup to our general mailings of 2 and 1 week(s) ago, we are
happy to provide all who have expressed interest in the Cellular Device
Machine Development System (CDM-DS) and SLANG with direct access to the
Macintosh application via anonymous ftp at ''. The UNIX
versions for SUN and Silicon Graphics workstations will be put into this site
shortly.  All software posted at the ftp site is free, and you are invited
to upload your own SLANG applications.

        Also available at the ftp site are a readme file, and several papers
that address previous versions of the CDM-DS and a variety of applications,
in particular infectious diseases simulations using an artificial immune
system, and testing HIV molecular biology in in silico physiologies.

        To recap, the CDM-DS is a tool for modelling complex systems. It
is equipped with its own object-based Simulation LANGuage SLANG and advanced
methods for evaluating dynamics. Current applications include modelling of the
immune and neuroenocrine systems in mice, database mining, HIV disease
progression, and molecular biology.

        The CDM-DS and applications will be presented by Prof. Hans B.
Sieburg, director of BITMed, at:

        July 6          Nat. Institute of Allergies & Infectious
                        Diseases, Washington D.C.

        July 7-9        International Conference on Intelligent Systems
                        in Molecular Biology
                                Washington D.C.

        July 12         University of Florida, Tampa

        Sept. 22-24     Artificial Intelligence, Simulation, and
                        Planning in High Autonomy Systems
                                Tuscon, AR

        Nov. 7-10       International Simtech Conference
                                San Fransisco, CA

        Jan. 21-30,'94  Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference
                                San Diego, CA

For more information contact:

                Arturo Grapa
                agrapa at

at:             BITMed
                University of California, San Diego
                9500 Gilman Drive 0603-H
                La Jolla, CA 92093-0603

                PHONE: (619) 543-5081
                FAX:   (619) 543-1235

Until our next release,

Arturo Grapa,
        Technology Transfer Coordinator

Prof. Hans B. Sieburg,

Lab for Biological Informatics
        & Theoretical Medicine (BITMed)

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